Grow Gun - Duncan Shirah

GROW GUN : A wooden gun with a plant living inside. Pull the trigger to water the plant. 15x9x6




TIERED COFFEE TABLE : Solid cherry slab top and steel CNC plasma-cut legs. 48x16x18




ICOSAHEDRON FIRE BOWL : These recreational steel fire containers are based on the geometry of a deconstructed convex icosahedron; the most complex platonic solid. They feature an integrated air/rain/ash vent that allows for better airflow and easier maintenance. 34x34x18




Lightning Table - Duncan Shirah

LIGHTNING TABLE : Cedar table-top with burnt lichtenberg figures and steel hairpin legs. 24x18




Hex Light - Duncan Shirah

HEX LIGHT : Edison Bulb in simple hexagon walnut base. Can be set on a table or hung as a pendant.




Heliotropics - Duncan Shirah

HELIOTROPIC : A series of wood circles burnt by applying water and 1500 volts of electricity then stained with iron oxide. 27x27




Vortex Cannon - Duncan Shirah

VOETEX CANNON : Shoots large rings of water vapor across a room. 30x50x50




Disguise Machine - Duncan Shirah

DISGUISE MACHINE : A hand-operated paper cutting press. Insert any 4x6 postcard to cut out a rudimentary disguise. 12x12x16




Memory - Duncan Shirah

MEMORY : USB memory drive, personified. 4 brass panels carry information around the central figure. The sculpture functions as a flash drive when plugged into a computer. - Steel, Wood, Brass - 6x12x6




Portal Gun Redesign - Duncan Shirah

WOODEN PORTAL GUN : Re-imagined prop from the 'Portal' game series. 20x8x9